Well it’s been encouraging to watch Kindle sales continue. Please, those of you who like the books, stop at amazon and post a commment. It draws more attraction to them. I’ll never be rich from having published these books, but it supplies a bit of spending money, and I love it when someone reads one of my books and likes it.

Note: The people who I hired to do the editing did a poor job…therefore the books are a bit rough, especially Prince of the Elves. Vanished is the best of the 4 novels and can be read out of sequence. I deliberately wrote each book so that you didn’t have to be “there” to get into the story. They story lines are good, but the punctuation and sentence structure was not well addressed – sorry!

To all who have taken a chance on buying my books, thanks!


I’ve been out of touch for a while due to having moved back to my home state. Glad to see there are still visitors to my blog. Thanks.


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5.0 out of 5 stars A real rib tickler!, November 24, 2010
This review is from: Magic Kingdom – Foreclosed / A Spoof Based on Terry Brooks’ “Magic Kingdom for Sale” From the Author of the Frontmire Histories (Kindle Edition)

I love Terry Brooks but this spoof is funnier than the original. With a touch of Monty Python type silliness and a full speed ahead writing style, Daigle has created a world where your not always sure what’s going on, but you know you like it. If you are looking for some fun light reading, this is for you.

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This review was posted on amazon for Prince of the Elves. I am quite honored. I know Barbara. She’s a wonderful human being…more so now:


5.0 out of 5 stars Ah, this world, these creatures!, November 15, 2010

Wonderfully colorful characters that, were it not for their possession of magic, or exceptional strength, or ability to lengthen their lifespans at will, could be found in some not so remote part of the U.S. having human adventures in countrysides that touch the heart with their beauty. All but the most sinister – that would be Daektoch – are either endearing, funny, clumsy, swashbuckling, or whatever human characteristics you’d want them to have. They make us want to know what happens next, what happens to THEM next. As I said, there are beautiful moments of descriptions of nature, especially when it comes to sea and mountains, and that alone was enough to keep me wanting more. I’m not generally one to read fantasy, but I sure liked this one for its heart, humor, and huzzah!

Kindle Sales

Well! Kindle sales have taken a life of their own and have left paperbacks in the dust.

We are now into our fourth month of an average of 4 books per day!

Go Kindle!