Canine and Coffee

  I was recently interviewed by Marshal Zeringue of the Canine and Caffeine blog

It’s a site for coffee drinking authors and their dogs. Check it out dog lovers.




This was my third day of attending festivals to market my book.  

On the plus side, some who had read my previous books stopped by to by the remainder of the series. 

Neg side – very few were willing to start the series, hence sales have beeeen sllooowwwww.

Plus side, I’m doing better selling my chiropractic business at these events than my books. It has more monetary value but is not as much fun.

Today I met a guy who was half way through re-reading Rise of the Dark Queen… now that’s a compliment!

Spreading our wings!

We’re now (we, as in the royal we 🙂 ) on Kindle Boards! A cool site where Kindle authors can chat and promote their books, and Kindle readers can see what’s happening. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, if any of you know proven marketing techniques for novels, I’m all ears…

Don’t hold your breath, but I have story-boarded Book V of the Frontmire Histories. The plots are very complicated, and I don’t know if I can pull it off. I’ve been thinking about it for a year. New character – Jaxon, the reluctant warrior, estranged son of the self-proclaimed king of Frontmire.

In fact. I think that would be Book V’s title – The Reluctant Warrior.

Again, the time line is warped beyond comprehension, and Morlah finds himself in another age. Meanwhile, 4 Gulf War vets unintentionally travel to Frontmire in a top-secret army time machine.

I hope it happens. I don’t know if it will.

Prince of the Elves has been re-edited and is now being published to Kindle. It will soon be available in paperback.

This month to date, we are selling 4 Kindle versions per Day!

Upcoming Events

I plan to attend the Coos Bay Blackberry Arts Festival, the Bandon Cranberry Festival and the Winchester Bay Arts by the Sea Festival at the end of the summer for promotional work on the Frontmire series.

These seem to work out great for promoting my work. See you there!

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